London Casual

Growing up in an extremely hot and humid place (looking at YOU, Orlando) the chill of Autumn and Winter seasons was but a dream for me. Now that I’ve relocated to the UK I’m living the dream of crunching leaves beneath my feet and wearing coats for function, not fashion!

On this particularly crisp afternoon in Central London I opted for a pared down look. A simple chambray shirt is so reliable and quite possibly the easiest thing in my closet to pair with anything. The sophisticated cut of this coat was a pretty piece to throw over it and balance out the purposely rumpled shirt. For footwear I chose a leopard print flat to add a touch of glamour to an otherwise simple outfit.

Don’t let this photo fool you though. As much as I’d like to be the kind of person who flits around the city buying sunflowers for myself, I’m much more at home in a glamorous setting. Big hair. Big heels. The works! I just thought, since we’re all friends here, that seeing me in a rare casual appearance would be fun. So enjoy…but don’t get used to it. 😉








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