Betsey Blue


When it comes to feminine details…Betsey Johnson just “gets” women. More than most designers, IMO. What sets her brand apart is that she able to juxtapose sassy and sweet without being saccharine. In today’s post I’m featuring this beautiful royal blue lace “Tea Dress” that would be a perfect fancy brunch ensemble. Add some sparkle and shine…as I’ve done here with a Peter Pan collar necklace and pretty pumps…and you can easily take this look from day to night in a cinch!

What’s more is that Betsey Johnson is one of my all time favorite #GirlBoss inspirations. Watch any of her catwalk videos and you’re sure to see her kart-wheeling down the runway in a grand finale! Plus her interviews are informative and uplifting. Just like the woman herself.

My long term love for all things Betsey continues as her new collections continue to impress. Most notably in her new “Betsey Blue” collection that is one of my favorite places to shop on sale. Visit to see what’s hot right now in Betsey-ville!

In short, you’ll never feel blue with Betsey.




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