Basically British

Basically British

What I wore:

Sunglasses: Vintage
Neck Bow: River Island
Belt & Skirt: Vintage
Bag: Tory Burch
Shoes: Target

To be told I dress “Like a Brit” tells me my Fashion choices are loudly speaking for my personal interests. I have always been obsessed with British culture and British Fashion in particular that echoes the proper, classic English style that is associated with “Old London”. Sure London has some edgy, even punk styles that I admire but what I feel most “Me” in is an outfit like this that has a dash of schoolgirl prep.

Neck bows, like vintage collars, are something I’ve started to collect. I have this exact neck bow seen here in a black spotted fabric from River Island. They have a button closure at the back so you can easily wear it in place of a necklace on tops with or without collars. I think it looks especially sweet though nestled between a collar.

Traipsing around Spitalfields market in this look searching for vintage treasure was one of the highlights of my recent London vacation! You too can easily channel this look by adding some prep to your step! Fasten a neck bow, rock some mary Jane’s and if you’re so inclined sprinkle a little British slang over your vocabulary.

Cheerio, chaps! 😉



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